Wednesday, September 5, 2012




And since I was stuck, I have ordered an extra skein of hempathy and I put my "Greener than Grass" aside for the moment. I have one main reason to do so and that is that if there is any difference in colour between the new skein I get and the old ones I have I might want to do some knitting with alternating skeins to make the impact less. So I have to wait. Only one sleeve to go…..

In order to bridge the time, I started something fast (yes I have trust in fast postal delivery and it is in the post right now) an appropriately named Bulle. A bulle in Swedish is a little bread, meant to be eaten as an in-between meals (mellanmål). Most famously there is the kanel-bulle, but I am very partial to a kardamomma-bulle or the famous Semlor eaten just before lent (not that I do lent, but Semlor I do eat…).

So this is my mellanmål, a small sweater/tunic for M. easy to wear, not that hot (it has short sleeves) and good for Autumn play. There are side pockets in the original design but I am not sure I will make them. They are somewhat sloppy (I think) and I am not so sure that they work well. But M will love them, so I am torn. But she will also fill them with acorns, chestnuts and whatnot, so maybe it is just best to avoid them…..

The yarn is from a good & trusted source, Quince & Co Lark, in Pomegranate. A nice red or is it a dark pink?


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