Sunday, September 9, 2012




So I solved the problem of the pockets for Bulle….. the original has pockets in the side which I thought had a kind of sloppy look to them. Also, I didn't really like the way they were constructed, but I wasn't completely sure  that just not making them at all, was the best idea either. Basically this kind of tunic does need something like a pocket. And also M would really love them...

So after a bit of thinking (how to keep the clean lines of this item clean, and also how to add that interest), the easiest thing to do is to have some forethought pockets. I call them forethought, since the principle is very much like the afterthought pockets by Elizabeth Zimmerman, but as these are made while knitting, it is not like taking the pair of scissors and make the slit for the pocket later on… Top down knitting gives the possibility to try on the sweater and decide the moment is there, so that helps too!



I also decided not to have a border on top of the pocket. I debated with myself whether I should have some garter rows, but then I thought, with a lining in a contrast colour, stockinette and the fact that it rolls is just what I need here. The rolling will just pop up that little bit of extra colour (gray, leftover from an earlier sweater, good to have some small bits of things saved up).

Now it is just one sleeve to go and some seaming...



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