Monday, May 30, 2011




I guess that everybody knows what is the worst kind of stain in whatever thing you are wearing, yes right blueberry (bosbes in dutch) juice.... July, walk in woods, blueberries in sight and children will get covered in those intense blue-purple stains just everywhere.... The yarn I used for the skirt is called Blueberry Jam and so right it is. It has all those juicy stain colours and little flecks of it too. It is quite a nice cotton too, soft and a nice hand.

It is quite a simple dress, a bit of A-line flair, Latvian Twist at the hem for a bit more swirl  and a twist rib top. There are two straps with buttons that can be changed in position so that the dress can be worn over a longer time. Good for going into the woods on warm summer's days.....

IMG 6789



A good thing comes in two.....




I had a good productive weekend and actually managed to seam and finish the two cardigans that were laying around. It feels really good. The one above is Lente, the 2nd version. I think this one is actually an improvement, the shoulders are better and the sleeves fit perfect. The gauge of the Classic Silk was just slightly different and there are more stitches in 10 cm than for the Angora Tweed and it works just better. Funny that is since the difference is only very small. I have made very extensive notes, so now I will have to work them out, do grading and write it all up.


The 2nd cardigan is a Norah Gaughan design in Linsey, a linen-cotton blend with lots of drape. A nice small cardigan excellebt for wearing over dresses. It flows and it feels nice to wear. I thought the pattern was very unclear for the shaping at the top of the back so I did my own thing. In the end that meant that I also had to adjust the fronts and the sleeves so that it all fit together. It worked out OK in the end. Here and notice same dress, which actually goes with both these carigans:



Thursday, May 26, 2011





I guess we are all guilty about it, some time..... Right now I should be seaming older WIPs and really no excuse...I normally even like seaming. But right now, just no, I just want to do mindless knitting and do not anything that requires more attention.

That is also the reason why pattern writing goes so slow. I have Moineau in a state that it almost could go to a tech-editor and for Lente I need to do more calculations for the bigger sizes, but it is really not that far off. But it requires attention and time, and that is just too hard to give. My day-job is taking a lot of time these days and in the evenings and weekends I just have too much else to do. And then I want to watch Dr Who and just knit mindlessly.....

But to knit mindlessly I need a new project, since my others have gone to that other state.... So here comes BosBes, a simple summer dress for M in Cotton Supreme batik by Universal Yarns. I saw this yarn on the web at The Loopy Ewe and got intrigued and I do see why they sell it. It is lovely soft and the colours are quite nice too. I do maybe like the "solid" version more, but M wanted the multi-colour version.... I will use a solid colour for the chest-part of the pattern anyways.

To give the hem a bit of a swing I used a Latvian Twist, which I really like. The knitting goes really very fast on 5.5mm needles....



Saturday, May 21, 2011


Bigger Moineau

The bigger Moineau is finished. A nice top to wear with skinny jeans thinks S. It has a bit of swing and a summer feeling.

I wanted to take some pictures of it on the floor, I put it down and one second later Totoro was lying on it. So typically catty....., but I managed anyways after some shooing:

Bigger MoineauBigger Moineau

And just some modelling shots by S, she wore it to a party today, yoohee!

Bigger MoineauBigger Moineau


Sunday, May 8, 2011


Moineau 2



S wanted green as CC for her Moineau, so green it will be. Allino comes in real nice bright colours that are a lovely contrast to the natural coloured Sparrow. Knitting this is relatively fast since it is mainly stockinette.


Other green news, Lente-2 is nearing it's completion. I finished the body and one sleeve... pattern writing will be a bit slow I fear. It costs me more "undisturbed" time to write a pattern than actually knitting the item. But who know in June or so I should really have it finished (good to give myself a deadline....)