Monday, May 30, 2011




I guess that everybody knows what is the worst kind of stain in whatever thing you are wearing, yes right blueberry (bosbes in dutch) juice.... July, walk in woods, blueberries in sight and children will get covered in those intense blue-purple stains just everywhere.... The yarn I used for the skirt is called Blueberry Jam and so right it is. It has all those juicy stain colours and little flecks of it too. It is quite a nice cotton too, soft and a nice hand.

It is quite a simple dress, a bit of A-line flair, Latvian Twist at the hem for a bit more swirl  and a twist rib top. There are two straps with buttons that can be changed in position so that the dress can be worn over a longer time. Good for going into the woods on warm summer's days.....

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