Saturday, August 20, 2011




Yesterday I got the extra ball of yarn and some "frantic" knitting ensued….but I finished it.  We are leaving today for Spain (work-related) and I know she won't need it there, but I wanted to have it finished. I had ordered some buttons from Etsy but they didn't arrive in time, but going through my button stash I found some real nice vintage ones. In fact more perfect than the ones I ordered…. They give that little extra.

Anyways I will have lunch now and then we are leaving….


Sunday, August 14, 2011




When we were in Scotland I bought some yarn to knit Lauriel for S. Very appropriate since it was in Edinburgh and…. The yarn is Artesano pure merino super wash and it is nice, but mainly chosen for the colour (by S). It is a very nice design, unusual construction and the book it comes from…. well I can't praise it enough. Little red in the city has such a good section on sizing and adapting that I'm talking about it everywhere. It helps that I do like the patterns very much as well, and S loves them as well. Originally I was planning to knit this for myself, but S really liked it as well and a neat small cardigan for the autumn she can use.

Anyways I bought 7 skeins, thinking it would be enough for a 30"…. but it isn't….. That small ball of yarn in her hand, that is what I have left…. Stuck….. Oh how I hate to run out of yarn :-(

By now I have ordered an extra skein and I really really hope it won't be too jarring a color change. Otherwise I will have to frog a bit and alternate skeins and I really don't like to do that. Ah well, doesn't happen that much to me but still

So I started Sparrow (the pattern by Pam Allen in Twist) but I'm not using sparrow the yarn. Much as I like sparrow (the yarn) i want some bold color for that design. So Allhemp 3 in a nice deep purple it will be….


Not that I ever liked  "Deep Purple", not my taste in music, but color wise...




Thursday, August 4, 2011


We just came back yesterday from visiting D's parents. We had quite a good time and for once we actually had some days with brilliant weather. I'm not going to write a lot, just a couple of pictures of exotic Scotland...