Friday, April 26, 2013

Slowly now



I'm working right now on a project that requires a bit of attention. Combined with other duties, it mens I have been going slow the last couple of weeks. Nothing bad about that, just how it is sometimes… 

In any case I am knitting Meris at the moment, a nice flattering cardigan with very nice lace panels. It is fingering yarn knitted on 3.25, so a lot of rows and for one reason or another I just couldn't memorise the lace repeats. So every other row I had to check the pattern and that slows me down. But it is worth it…. I have now finished the main body. The sleeves are top-down with short rows and only a lace motif at the cuffs so maybe I can speed up a bit…. I want to wear this cardigan…..

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Has to have a cowl

Has to have a Cowl


or actually better said: It should be red and have a turtleneck...

That was the request I got from S. A simple sweater can be so nice sometimes, especially with a nice yarn. This is 80/10/10 worsted from Madelinetosh. Very soft and nice colours with that blackish haze that only Madelinetosh has. Love it. The sweater itself is knitted into the round until the sleeves, then it is divided and knitted flat to the shoulders. The shoulders have the only seam, since I picked up the stitches for the sleeves and knitted those top down using short rows for the  sleeve cap shaping. That worked really well, so surely something to use again. 

S says it is her warmest sweater…..

I was afraid that I didn't have yarn enough so I made it into a cropped sweater, and as things sometimes go, I think we are very lucky that the sweater is cropped, I took the photo before I made it wet for laying out, and yes, this yarn grows….I think it does so in length so we are good, but for a next time I do know, be aware…. 

Has to have a Cowl