Sunday, January 20, 2013


It is cold here, with severe frost every night. So a very good moment to put my wool stash outside, just as a precaution. Anything creepy and alive in my stash will not withstand the -15° C treatment. Not that I have a problem with moths, but better be sure than not.

So I was cleaning out my cupboard and found this:


The front and the back of a small sweater I started when I just came to Skåne. I didn't know then (but learned since) that this little sweater is a real Skåne sweater. The geese are the first symbol. In autumn and winter they are very much visible and audible. Nils Holgersson climbed on his goose here in Skåne, and on the 10th of November (the evening before St-Martin's day), traditionally a goose is served for dinner. Red and yellow are the colours of Skåne's flag. The grey represents the weather, as it is dominated by the sea, there are a lot of grey days here. The blocks at the bottom are reminiscent of the old houses in many towns in Skane, like quite a number of houses in Lund.


I bought this at Sländan and I do think the owner of the shop designed this pattern as well. I should ask her one day, as it is a lovely design with all those symbols in its patterns. Why I never finished it? I actually don't completely recall. I knitted this very slowly and I do remember that there was an accident with the yarn, which meant that I had to throw away quite a bit. Then I ran out and I started to knit something else. And now I don't know what the yarn was that was used for this design. It is wool, a nice fingering one too, but other than that… And to make matters worse, I did lose the pattern, I guess I could make it them up. It is a drop-shoulder design after all, but I do recall that there was some nice pattern elements in the sleeves as well.

Technically it is hibernating since 2002 I guess, but now it got its moment anyways….

Skane geese

(not so) Purplish

Not so purplish

My 2nd version of Purplish is now finished. It's not that purplish and it gained a pompom, but I do like to knit these. The slipped stitch pattern makes a hie wavy pattern that is really so easy to do. The pattern is now ready too….

This time the yarn is Sublime cashmere merino silk, in dark-blue, tray and white. Another warm hat, and really so much needed at the moment (woke up and it was around -17°C…. just above 0F)….

Not so purplish

Saturday, January 19, 2013

In the mean time...


I have been waiting the last two weeks for my extra wool for Voussoir, but apart from a notice that it was sent, I have not sen it yet. I'm hesitating to cast on a big project, so instead I have been knitting another hat. I got some The fibre company Terra when I was in New York. Three hanks, with each another purple. A natural that just has hints of purple here and there, a lila and a deep purple. So I wanted to do some colour work with this, but I thought, maybe slipped stitches is it. So this is a very easy pattern and the wavy pattern is coming from the slipped stitches. The yarn is lovely and soft and very warm as well which is a good thing since it is cold here. This year we have a good cold winter. December was cold, and now January is cold too. Well at least it is not raining.

Anyways for the crown I went from the slipped stitch pattern to a normal stripe and I think it gives a nice contrast.


I'm knitting right now another one of these hats, since I am finishing the pattern for this one. So watch this space, since it is nearly there.

Since in the midst of Winter, the thought of spring brings hope, I end with a small shawl I knitted the last weeks. It is a Pimpelliese in See Jayne Knit Supersock "tulips". It is cheerful, fresh green and purple again and it suits M very well, small and cheerful.


Monday, January 7, 2013



On New Year's eve we use to make oliebollen. It is a  good old dutch tradition to eat these yeasty deep-fried goodies on that night and whenever there is a funfair in town. Not at any other time of the year, mind you as it is really a once a year treat. This year with the jet-leg kicking in, I did the proper shopping for the ingredients, bought sucade, raisins, currents, nice sour apples and yeast, but yes I did forget that one all important ingredient to make oliebollen….the oil to fry them in.

So no oliebollen for us on New Year's eve….

M was very upset by this, she had been looking forward to oliebollen for quite some time. So I thought that yesterday was the evening to have them nevertheless. It was Twelfth Night, which is still an official holiday day here, so it felt sufficiently festive and school and work starts this week as well, so it is good to have a real ending to the winter's holiday season. So frying we did and here are some pictures of the process, not of making the dough, didn't have time then (it is a yeast dough made from flour, milk and lots of fruit and there is rising involved). But otherwise:




Lots of powdered sugar


Ready to eat…..

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bits and pieces


So I finished the main body of Voussoir. S far so good, but I now know that I will run out of yarn. I have probably enough for one sleeve and then it is over. I ordered new but it will take its time, so I ail probably start with the sleeve but a wait will ensue. So far I do like it. The yoke part kept me on my toes, but it isn't too hard either so it is nice.

But I also started small projects, mainly since we went to ikea the other day and that is almost an hour away and one has to do something during the drive to and fro. I though that a Koolhaas would be a nice hat for my husband and I had even bought yarn for it in New York. The yarn is shelter in the colour "hayloft" a mustardy yellow-borwn colour with some nice specks of other things thrown into it. So I happily knitted Koolhaas only to have him declaring that nah, that kind of hat is way too fitted...

So big daughter got another hat and is happy with it. It was a very fast knit so it doesn't feel too bad and I learned something, fitted hats are a no no for some men. I have still 2 skeins of shelter in this colour left, now I have to find a not-fitted roomy, stockinette hat for my husband...