Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bits and pieces


So I finished the main body of Voussoir. S far so good, but I now know that I will run out of yarn. I have probably enough for one sleeve and then it is over. I ordered new but it will take its time, so I ail probably start with the sleeve but a wait will ensue. So far I do like it. The yoke part kept me on my toes, but it isn't too hard either so it is nice.

But I also started small projects, mainly since we went to ikea the other day and that is almost an hour away and one has to do something during the drive to and fro. I though that a Koolhaas would be a nice hat for my husband and I had even bought yarn for it in New York. The yarn is shelter in the colour "hayloft" a mustardy yellow-borwn colour with some nice specks of other things thrown into it. So I happily knitted Koolhaas only to have him declaring that nah, that kind of hat is way too fitted...

So big daughter got another hat and is happy with it. It was a very fast knit so it doesn't feel too bad and I learned something, fitted hats are a no no for some men. I have still 2 skeins of shelter in this colour left, now I have to find a not-fitted roomy, stockinette hat for my husband...


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  1. I just made another easy hat from Jared Flood - All squared or something like that. But you may want to do a lining for the ears and knit the rib longer...