Saturday, January 19, 2013

In the mean time...


I have been waiting the last two weeks for my extra wool for Voussoir, but apart from a notice that it was sent, I have not sen it yet. I'm hesitating to cast on a big project, so instead I have been knitting another hat. I got some The fibre company Terra when I was in New York. Three hanks, with each another purple. A natural that just has hints of purple here and there, a lila and a deep purple. So I wanted to do some colour work with this, but I thought, maybe slipped stitches is it. So this is a very easy pattern and the wavy pattern is coming from the slipped stitches. The yarn is lovely and soft and very warm as well which is a good thing since it is cold here. This year we have a good cold winter. December was cold, and now January is cold too. Well at least it is not raining.

Anyways for the crown I went from the slipped stitch pattern to a normal stripe and I think it gives a nice contrast.


I'm knitting right now another one of these hats, since I am finishing the pattern for this one. So watch this space, since it is nearly there.

Since in the midst of Winter, the thought of spring brings hope, I end with a small shawl I knitted the last weeks. It is a Pimpelliese in See Jayne Knit Supersock "tulips". It is cheerful, fresh green and purple again and it suits M very well, small and cheerful.


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