Thursday, May 31, 2012

I made it…..

Dark night Melkweg


When I went into MadMay, my intention was to knit 3 sweaters and I knew it would be real challenge. But nothing is as good a real challenge and every now an then it is good to have one. But as I was finishing my 2nd sweater I had severe doubts whether the third one would be finished in time. 

Dark night Melkweg

But i did it, well it kind of helped that I was homebound for some time with nothing more to do than knit….. But I am kind of happy that I managed it. TML is lovely to knit with and that helped a lot as well.

So this is my 2nd Melkweg. I made it more cropped, changed the neckline and altered the button bands slightly.  I think it works better like this. It is actually quite difficult to get the colour of this right, it is somewhat bluer/more purplish than what it shown in the pictures. 

Dark night Melkweg

As for the future, I'm thinking it is time for linen….

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May Flower



I'm deep into MadMay and this is my 2nd sweater for the knitting-alongs. It is Elphabette in Tosh Merino Light "neon rose", knitted almost as the pattern is written. Almost, since I changed the neckband and made it into a little rolled one, instead of the one from the pattern… 

An easy well written pattern, and with a colour like that, a hit for small girlie girls… who like to wear skirts and climb into trees….


Monday, May 14, 2012

In the pink


Yesterday I finished my first MadMay2012 sweater. It is Marnie from the last Twist Collective. the original one uses a cotton yarn, but  felt that this pattern would actually be nice as a lightweight woolen one. So with MadMay12 in mind Tosh Merino light seemed to be an obvious choice. The gauge was just a bit more sheer  (23 sts/4" to 26sts/4") so that is good too. I have quite some TML in stash (and to be honest, even a little bit more now) so diving into it, discovered some "mulled wine", a nice understated pink, perfect for spring. the only minor problem with is was that the yarn was a bit overspun, and sometimes curling back onto itself. But I knew from "Melkweg" that the fabric of an overspun TML is just as normal as normal TML. So there I went….

The pattern is easy to follow, until the yoke….. Not that the charts were unclear, but the garter lines were suddenly displaced and I couldn't really work out what to do. In the end I worked out the repeats between the garters by myself and they are different than in the pattern. I think the result is a slightly different neckline, less boat-shaped, and for me actually a plus. So I have one repeat more in the sleeve parts of the yoke and one repeat less in the front and back, which makes the neck more square.

It was quite difficult to photograph the lace part, but I do love the way the garter lines are absorbed in the lace!




I will not stop knitting with TML, nor with pink…. Next up is really shocking pink:


No shrinking violets here. This one will be for my little one, who loves pink. She is slowly weaning from it, but still pink rules. This will be an Elphabette, again a bit of lace work at the hem, but in this case not at the yoke. knitting is going fast right now:


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Into the green



It was a busy week and not much to write about. Just a small knitting update, I finished another shawl. This time Multonomah in Wollmeisse superwash "Drachenblut". The colours are marvelous and after a soak the yarn becomes much more drapey, but I didn't really like knitting with it. It's funny in a way since I do like cotton and knitting with cotton, but this wool yarn felt like cotton and that I didn't like. Also it was very splitty. But I do think that the colours make up for  a lot of that, so I would knit with out again. Also the produced fabric is really nice and crisp. So yes I can see why people love it so much.

I alsa participating in MadMay2012… so expect a lot of projects in Madelinetosh the coming month… I started with Marnie from the last Twist…. in Tosh Merino Light "mulled wine". I think this will be a lovely lightweight sweater for colder summer/spring days… Perfect for May knitting….