Sunday, March 22, 2015

Just because



I like this photo….quick project just when winter is making a small return, skate, skate….

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Big projects



Just finished my Alouette and looking back on it, this was a big project and quite an enjoyable one too. I am happy I made it with the longer sleeves, as a cardigan and that due to the yarn I had, I had to change the striping pattern. Now it is a lightweight cardigan good to wear in the spring and autumn, but woollen short-sleeved sweaters are a bit more awkward to wear, I find. When it is warm enough to be short-sleeved, I don’t want to wear woo, when it is cold enough to wear wool, I want longer sleeves…. 

One thing with this type of lace is that it isn’t that easy to “read” and quite prone to making mistakes. I did “tink" an awful lot on this one, just a YO too much or a knit/purl wrongly placed, and tink again, which is probably why it took me longer than usual to knit this cardigan. In itself it is not difficult to knit feather and fan lace, but it is certainly not mindless, watch a good TV-series (The Americans anyone?) series type of knitting…and yes that series is compelling and the cause for many a mis-knitted stitch.

Anyway, after this big project, some smaller will follow, a pair of socks and after that….