Sunday, February 24, 2013


Jane Doe

Some weeks are just not to write about. Last weekend M was ill, and I was really worried that it would be a longer affair, but as it turned out the day after she was fine again, the fever was gone and she was her own cheerful self again. Which is always a thing when children are ill, there is so little one can do and it isn't at all nice when they are ill. On top of it, to make me slightly more stressed feeling, I had a hell of a week ahead of me, so that was a major relief when M persisted she wanted to go to school on monday. All was well, until during monday night, I absolutely couldn't sleep and I felt kind of weird and also feeling as if a cold was on its way. I fell asleep finally and after only 3 hours sleep I had that "oh I have a major cold coming upon me feeling", so I decided to not to go to work that day in the hope that by staying home, it wouldn't develop into a major cold and my things I had to do later in the week wouldn't be in peril. It was good I stayed at home, since at noon I had 39.6° and yes I didn't have a major cold, I did have influenza. High fever, headaches, pain in all my muscles, coughing and all…. So that was that for the rest of the week. The fever has gone by now, I feel still as if I ran a maraton and didn't sleep for a month, I'm still coughing but I am really getting better. And all those things I had to do last week….they have been postponed, which is a good thing and a bad thing since I know that the coming month will be much work and not much play….

Didn't do much apart from laying in bed and watching Fringe episodes with S (love Fringe, really love it), yesterday I picked up my needles again, and worked on a lightweight cardigan to be. It is knitted in Madelinetosh tosh lace, on 3.75 mm, giving a nice airy fabric. It has a bit of a Fringe itself, but really it is more a peplum in sideways garter stitch. The garter was slow going, but now I am in the body doing stockinette it flies. The colour is also appropriate Fringe like, monochromatic…. And since I am still allowed to do nothing much, I can at least sit on the sofa and knit a bit…...

Jane Doe

Saturday, February 16, 2013




Somewhere in a photo album is a picture of me as a toddler, wearing a bright new duck-blue coat and it is clearly early spring. Typical "Paasbest", new clothes, clean and shiny, best clothes  for Easter as was the tradition, way back….. When I got this yarn (MadelineTosh  vintage in "well water"), it reminded me of that photo. The coat I was wearing in the photo was a longish A-line coat, so I thought, well maybe I can mimic it and so "Paasbest" was born.

It is only stockinette here, hemmed edges and button bands, pockets with hemmed openings and an I-cord finishing at the neck. And a very gently line of increases giving a slight A-line.  The only "decoration" are real nice BIG buttons I found on Etsy. I love the touch these buttons bring to this coat.

Unfortunately I have only 1 photo of M wearing it for now, she is ill, and really not in the mood for photos and we cannot go outside. It is very gloomy winter weather here, just around 0°C and very monochromatic, since the ground is covered with snow and the sky is overcast and grey… At least this cardigan brings some blue into that….



I will make a red version of this soon (DIC classy valentine will be the yarn that time), there some things I want to change just lightly, and then since this time I kept really copious notes, I hope it will make it into a pattern a little bit quicker, maybe before Easter for testing….

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A different combination

Two Tone Tam again


When I knitted a Two-Tone Tam I was really curious how it would look like in a different combination. So when visiting yarn-shops in New York I was looking out for yarn to be used for that. The original tam was just finished, so it was fresh in my mind. M choose the colours for the next one to be. Very different, not tonal at all, but I like them. This one is knitted in Karabella Aurora 4, a real nice merino, it reminds me of Rowan 4-ply soft and that is a very good thing (and why they ever discontinued that one…. well I do question Rowan's decisions quite a bit, Calmer is another one….).

Anyway this is my 2nd two-tone tam, quite different and quite the same…..

But, for now, I think I will leave stranded knitting and colurwork for a while. I do feel stockinette calling to me, a simple very classic A-line cardigan for M is on the menu. An own design, I hope it will work out as I have it in my mind...


After a wait….



I finally got my extra wool for Voussoir… In the end I needed two more skeins of the main colour. It has happened to me often that a pattern was this much of, normally I have yarn over, but in this case… Anyways it got finished this week and I hope S will be happy with it. It fits me really well, so it will be big for her, but she wanted a bit of an oversized sweater as it is so comfy… She is away and then I will be travelling on Sunday, so I will have to wait till wednesday to see if she likes it… Such is life.