Thursday, April 30, 2015

Summer knitting



Every year sometimes during the spring I switch from animal fibres to plan ones. Sometimes it is late, end of May, sometimes it is early, beginning of April. This year was an early one, I went to cotton for my latest project. The last years have given us warm springs, so there is that, and I also saw this yarn at a shop and just thought, I have to test this one. So I did, maybe not the best pattern to really test a yarn (a lot of knit togethers, purl ones as well!), but I do have to say, I really liked this yarn. Soft, with some give, maybe unusual in a 100% cotton. Nice colour variation and the pattern was fine too. The yarn is called Rowan Tetra cotton and the pattern is Lapsang. 

Also today is Valborg, the day to celebrate that spring is really here, with fires, songs and (in some places, especially if there are lots of young people around and uhm universitiy dominated, basically Lund or Uppsala) copious amounts of alcohol. Not that we do any of that, a bit of a chilly day today and the 15-yo old is just too well adjusted to go for that…. ( bit of sarcasm here, but on the whole she has her head screwed on in the right way, so I really can’t complain….).  But spring is here and that is of course a thing to be happy about!

Only misgiving, the sleeves are too long (well at least I would be slightly annoyed by them), but for a teenager they are apparently perfectly fine…. which is a good thing then!



Sunday, April 12, 2015




One peculiar thing about the Dutch language is that any word can get deformed into a diminutive form. Like huis (house) can become huisje (little house), or spook (ghost), spookje (little ghost). So you can have little giants (reusjes) or even small skyscrapers (wolkenkrabbertjes). 

Anyway spookje was a very nice project. M wanted to have a pullover in KidSilk Haze for the longest time. Her big sister has two sweaters in it and she just loves the fussiness and softness. So it was about time and I wanted to knit Spook ever since the booklet came out…  One of the nicer aspects of KSH is that it is very light and thus feels good for spring-time, but it is also surprisingly warm and very comfortable. It is also much sturdier than it kind of looks like. Like I said, big sister has sweaters in it and they are keeping up so very very well.

This was not a difficult project, but it took a bit of time, I have been a bit under the weather lately.Not enough to not go to work, enough to not do a lot of things at home. I think it is just an end of winter thing and surely it will pass…..