Sunday, May 18, 2014



My Angie is proceeding very well, and once again I just love how the stockinette contrasts with the very nice ribbing. It is quite a simple knit, but yet so elegant. And after the garter peplum which takes a bit of time, the stockinette goes just so fast. I like that, and I am pretty sure I will like to wear this little cardigan too….

Until now no major changes to the pattern, I knitted two more rows in the main body, but that is it, nothing else…. Probably I will use of-white vintage buttons that I already have and probably a 1-row buttonhole.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Update for cotton time

After some bribing with M&Ms (we sink low…)






Cotton time



On the way back from Berlin we had another long bus trip…..As it has been warm until the first of May, I really was in the mood for some summer knitting. Of course that is tempting things and fair enough, we have speed forwarded to autumn, as the weather since has been more Autumn-like than anything else. But that is drifting of, on a recent work-related visit to my home-country I had picked up a Phildar Pitchoun with some nice summer garments for children. There was one top I did like a lot and thought it would be a good one for my youngest. Phildar yarns are not easy to get here and as this top was knitted on relative smal needles, I thought, well maybe Catania is a good match. But in real life, it wasn’t… My gauge was enormously of, so much of that using the pattern as it was didn’t make much sense…. So I used the pattern as giving me the idea and that worked out really well… 

But I went my own way, the pattern was knitted in 3 pieces, front, back, and a sideways knitted top bit. I knitted the front and back separately, the sideways top, I knitted as one would knit an applied lace border, but in this case I just used stockinette with an I-cord finish at the edge. Twisted cords are the shoulder straps and that is that… now summer please come back….

Catania is quite a nice cotton, not too expensive and it has a nice shine.  Quite a wide range of bright colours too...


As I am still in cotton mood, I am using it again for my next project. Kim Hargreaves is my favourite designer and her new book Honey does not disappoint at all. There are quite a number of projects that appeal to me, but none more than Angie, a small cardigan with peplums and an interesting rib. Again some sideways elements, but on the whole the classic sleek design that is so Kim Hargreaves. So in Cotton Glace, my Angie to come: 




 (and yes now I do have the Rolling Stones in my head…)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Berlin photo avalanche

We were in Berlin last weekend….and I took maybe too many pictures at one place….












We had a good time and it is impressive how the city is transforming. And that Reichstag dome is just one of these places where you want to take pictures and then some more…. Like the Guggenheim, where you are not allowed to do so. At least in Berlin you can indulge….

On the bus I knitted a lot so a finished project, modelled in the apartment we stayed in during our visit:



Angostura in Classic Elite Solstice, a cotton-wool mix, I am gearing up to warmer weather knitting….