Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nightmares before....





And the first autumn storm is on its way too …….

Fluffy little clouds



Some songs make an impression, simply because they are that good. I never liked house music, and ambient house was not that much better in my ears, however Fluffy Little Clouds just got played and played again. There is something about that song, and it also made that I really would like to see the desert and those clouds, since then I have been to Death valley, but no clouds that day… but what a magical place…..

Anyway this sweater is like a fluffy cloud, the yarn is a mixture of soft and softer (Kidsilk haze, with the mohair and silk and Fine Lace, alpaca and merino) and the colour is like the clouds that we sometimes get… The pattern is not extremely difficult, but it is so easy to make mistakes, which is one of the many reasons why this one took more than a month to finish. I ran out of yarn, lost a needle and had to frog a number of times, but all’s well that end well…..

The pattern is from Kim Hargreaves “spring” book, but I do think it is much better suited for autumn, since this one is surprisingly warm and cuddly…..


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Easier than it looks


I love knitting hats, they give an immediate knitting rush and are well loved in my household. Both my daughters love to wear hats and having a range makes that the big one can change them according to her moods (teenager).  On a winter's day I am not without a hat myself and the only one who doesn't really like hats is my husband (he think he looks silly in them…).

This hat is a real good knitting rush, since it looks ever so complicated, but as it is a slip-stitch pattern it is actually easy. Love that, a very clever design: Courtyard. The yarn is warm and woolly with a touch of Possum. It is Rima from Zealana and it is a mixture of merino wool and possum. The possum shows itself by sone black fibres that makes that the colours have more depth to them. The yarn-band was interesting as well, the inside was information on what a thread tail-brush possums are for New Zealand wild-life….


oh and I got a replacement 2.75 mm needle, so the last sleeve will follow….

Sunday, October 13, 2013




I am knitting Beat now for a couple of weeks and yes progress is very very slow. I do like the result, a fluffy cloud of alpaca, kid mohair and silk, in a very neat texture but it is so slow to knit and frankly I needed a fix…. I do also feel however that starting another project would make the progress on that sweater even slower and probably drag it out to never-ending, so I was very hesitant to start another project. Yes I low if I want it to get finished it will be, but still….

However when I finished my first sleeve of Beat, I got stuck….. I was already afraid that I would run out of yarn, so I had ordered extra and that had come in already, but I have mislaid , my 2.75 mm needle that I need for the cuff…. And I have looked everywhere, in the silliest places and still it is "gone". I have now ordered a new needle but that will come maybe half-way next week, so now I got a very good reason to cast on or? Idle hands an all that...


So hats, hats are quick, a real fix and especially when on demand… So wanted a kitty hat, could be real simple according to her. So a kitty hat it is, simple and quick and I only wanted a bit more pronounced ears (as S wanted ears…).  I used Owl from Quince & co for this hat in one of the new colours "bog". Perfect yarn for a hat, very warm and rustic. It doesn't feel alpaca soft in the skein, but knitted up it makes a real nice soft fabric. There is just the slightest difference in colour between the fibres which make that it has a lively appearance. I have some more in my stash for a cardigan for M, look already forward for when I make that...

It is a dreary autumn day here, dark and wet, good day for a warm hat with ears….