Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fluffy little clouds



Some songs make an impression, simply because they are that good. I never liked house music, and ambient house was not that much better in my ears, however Fluffy Little Clouds just got played and played again. There is something about that song, and it also made that I really would like to see the desert and those clouds, since then I have been to Death valley, but no clouds that day… but what a magical place…..

Anyway this sweater is like a fluffy cloud, the yarn is a mixture of soft and softer (Kidsilk haze, with the mohair and silk and Fine Lace, alpaca and merino) and the colour is like the clouds that we sometimes get… The pattern is not extremely difficult, but it is so easy to make mistakes, which is one of the many reasons why this one took more than a month to finish. I ran out of yarn, lost a needle and had to frog a number of times, but all’s well that end well…..

The pattern is from Kim Hargreaves “spring” book, but I do think it is much better suited for autumn, since this one is surprisingly warm and cuddly…..


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