Sunday, October 13, 2013




I am knitting Beat now for a couple of weeks and yes progress is very very slow. I do like the result, a fluffy cloud of alpaca, kid mohair and silk, in a very neat texture but it is so slow to knit and frankly I needed a fix…. I do also feel however that starting another project would make the progress on that sweater even slower and probably drag it out to never-ending, so I was very hesitant to start another project. Yes I low if I want it to get finished it will be, but still….

However when I finished my first sleeve of Beat, I got stuck….. I was already afraid that I would run out of yarn, so I had ordered extra and that had come in already, but I have mislaid , my 2.75 mm needle that I need for the cuff…. And I have looked everywhere, in the silliest places and still it is "gone". I have now ordered a new needle but that will come maybe half-way next week, so now I got a very good reason to cast on or? Idle hands an all that...


So hats, hats are quick, a real fix and especially when on demand… So wanted a kitty hat, could be real simple according to her. So a kitty hat it is, simple and quick and I only wanted a bit more pronounced ears (as S wanted ears…).  I used Owl from Quince & co for this hat in one of the new colours "bog". Perfect yarn for a hat, very warm and rustic. It doesn't feel alpaca soft in the skein, but knitted up it makes a real nice soft fabric. There is just the slightest difference in colour between the fibres which make that it has a lively appearance. I have some more in my stash for a cardigan for M, look already forward for when I make that...

It is a dreary autumn day here, dark and wet, good day for a warm hat with ears…. 






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