Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Easier than it looks


I love knitting hats, they give an immediate knitting rush and are well loved in my household. Both my daughters love to wear hats and having a range makes that the big one can change them according to her moods (teenager).  On a winter's day I am not without a hat myself and the only one who doesn't really like hats is my husband (he think he looks silly in them…).

This hat is a real good knitting rush, since it looks ever so complicated, but as it is a slip-stitch pattern it is actually easy. Love that, a very clever design: Courtyard. The yarn is warm and woolly with a touch of Possum. It is Rima from Zealana and it is a mixture of merino wool and possum. The possum shows itself by sone black fibres that makes that the colours have more depth to them. The yarn-band was interesting as well, the inside was information on what a thread tail-brush possums are for New Zealand wild-life….


oh and I got a replacement 2.75 mm needle, so the last sleeve will follow….

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