Sunday, January 31, 2016




Finding the right red for lipstick can be a difficult thing. I think I found it, only it is wool and it is called Tosh Merino Light in Scarlet… 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Seeing red


I seem to knit a lot with red these days. I am not sure how that happened, but I am on my fourth project in a row that features some red or red-like colours. It seems that things come in waves. I knitted striped projects in a row, or I had a period where every other project was blue. Now it is red and in the bleak midwinter it is somehow fitting. Anyways I knitted a beret that was a nice fast knit as I was kind of deciding what to make next.  


And my next project is a very cheerful red, s small shawl in red&white in Tosh Merino Light. I got this yarn as a grab-bag and the white colour way is called Holi festival and yes it is white with splatters of very vivid colours, just like Holi festival. But I am actually not a big fan of the splatter colour ways, I prefer the more tonal ones where there is a shimmering of very similar colours to create a nice effect. In any case, if you get the yarn very cheap, one shouldn’t complain, so I thought, combined with a more solid colour it might just work for me. So there, combined with a very cheerful red, I think this is a nice combination. And cheery is just what we need! 



After this I have a cardigan planned (in blue) and S wants a sweater (in Grey), end of the period red?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tee for mee



Sometimes it is just good to make something for yourself…. a nice wool, a good colour and a pattern to match…. Not much to write about though when things seem to work. Well almost that is, the collar is not entirely as I wanted it. It is finished with an i-cord trim, but that I-cord is flipping upwards and not downwards and that makes that there is an extra line there. It is not ugly, but just not as sleek as I wanted it. Ah well as I do not know why this is and I guess that more blocking with this in mind will work, I will live with it. And otherwise it is a feature….

I am happy with it, and after all that’s what counts or?

Pictures are not great, melting snow day and I just didn’t want to go outside….


Monday, January 4, 2016

A good start!


The winter holidays have been a real good time for me. slowly knitting away on my cardigan project. Today was the first day that I actually did really touch work related stuff again (I am preparing for a presentation I have to give on Friday) so in good time I finished my stranded knitting project yesterday. And I am pleased!  I had to tweak the design that I used on the main body to be able to do the decreases in the yoke, but as I used the same design on the sleeves i still think it comes together very neatly. I used the formula for a yoked sweater from “The Opinionated Knitter” , 4 rows of decreases in total. Some short rows just under the the yoke shape the neckline.

I found some neat fish-eye buttons at a 2nd hand/vintage shop my eldest likes to go in Malmö. They matched one of the pinks exactly so that was real lucky too.

Now I didn’t make many notes (too busy with the knitting), so I fear that this will not become a proper pattern. I do have the schematics for the colour work though... 



So with that I can just wish that you all will have a good 2016!