Monday, January 4, 2016

A good start!


The winter holidays have been a real good time for me. slowly knitting away on my cardigan project. Today was the first day that I actually did really touch work related stuff again (I am preparing for a presentation I have to give on Friday) so in good time I finished my stranded knitting project yesterday. And I am pleased!  I had to tweak the design that I used on the main body to be able to do the decreases in the yoke, but as I used the same design on the sleeves i still think it comes together very neatly. I used the formula for a yoked sweater from “The Opinionated Knitter” , 4 rows of decreases in total. Some short rows just under the the yoke shape the neckline.

I found some neat fish-eye buttons at a 2nd hand/vintage shop my eldest likes to go in Malmö. They matched one of the pinks exactly so that was real lucky too.

Now I didn’t make many notes (too busy with the knitting), so I fear that this will not become a proper pattern. I do have the schematics for the colour work though... 



So with that I can just wish that you all will have a good 2016!

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