Tuesday, June 28, 2011



A Woollie One

To have a pattern ready takes time and effort. For Moineau I decided that I wanted to see what would happen if I used a completely other fiber then the linen I had used at first. I decided to use Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light again, since it is my favourite 4-ply woolly yarn. The colours are rich, it has drape, it is quite sturdy for a single ply yarn and I just love knitting with it. So 1 skein of Porcelain and 1 skein of Tart were bought. But I did do my calculations wrong....

I thought I would have enough yarn with only 1 skein MC and 1 skein CC..... That doesn't work out of course. After I knitted the front I realized that I need 1 and a bit skein MC.... What to do, what to do.... It is handpainted yarn, so no guarantees on colour whatsoever, and I would of course have huge left-overs. To make matters worse, the shop I bought the yarn didn't have the colour (Porcelain) left (Eat.Sleep.Knit, they have a huge selection of Merino Light), so stuck...

I decided in the end to take the CC for the front and make it MC for the back.....and it looks so different:



Of course there is the difference between a sunny day and an overcast rainy one, but it is more than just that. Both are nice, but they are different. So I'm looking forward to this two-faced top....

It is real nice warm weather right now, so good days to wear summary tops. I knitted a summary top years ago for S, now M can wear it with pride, and Totoro is just good natured as he always is....

Phildar topPhildar top

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Learning Curve....

Shetland Shortie


Knitting for older childern is a learning curve.... one should not forget to engage them in the process otherwise it is just frustation and the end of any items knitted for them. I had the "brilliant plan" to knit some Shetland Shorties for me, M and S just in time for my father's big birthday dash in July. S & M liked the pattern so OK, I went ahead. But I forgot that all important question, the colour... I though pink for S would be nice since it really is nice with her dress. But no, no and no again. Pink is apparently the most foul colour in the universe... I only learned this fact after I had finished the first one that was meant for S. Luckily the pattern is very very stretchy, so I can wear it (even though it is a bit small) and pink goes  with my dress as well, so just a change of plans then and never forget to ask about both pattern and colour and....

So I decided then to let S search my sock-yarn stash for a nice colour, so it is going to be green (what a surprise...):




It is yarnchef Mulligatawny in "Sour Apple", lovely soft yarn. I have finished the bottom bit now and it is proceeding..

Sour Apples


I also finished my Salina from Rowan Vintage Knits, a quite simple sweater in mainly stockinette. I used Rowan Purelife Revive, a real lovely silk/cotton/viscose mix and recycled too. It is a nice summer sweater for those days that are so typical of a normal north european summer, a bit of sun, some showers, quite a bit of wind and not that warm. I do love this yarn. It is tweedy (always love that) with really brilliant bits of colour, it has a nice drape and feels really strong. Nice stuff!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011



I have to confess, I am not a very good crocheter. I can do it, made some hats when I was younger, but I find it more difficult than knitting. Both my mother and grandmother did equal amounts of crochet and knitting so I did learn it as a child.  Also I do like crochet trims and Granny Squares in bright colours are very neat indeed, but nevertheless I stick to knitting.

M was ill last evening and night, so we had to stay at home and take it quiet. She has a low fever and throwing up half of the night means that it is a no-no for going to school. She was extremely annoyed, since it was school-concert today and she was going to sing, instead she had to stay home and.....


Learning to crochet

She decided that she wanted to learn to crochet. So here she is making the line longer and longer and taking it very seriously indeed. I guess this means I have to fresh up on my crochet skills as well, to be able to learn her how to do single and double stitches and all that. Now it is only a chain stitch, but one has to start somewhere doesn't one? So any suggestion for an easy pattern that a 6-year old might be able to tackle, I'm open for suggestions!


Knitting news, I bought some DIC Starry to make some Shetland Shorties for all of us (except for D). So here a closing picture of some yarn and from left to right it is Happy Forest, Lipstick Java and Cool Fire.....