Sunday, June 19, 2011

Learning Curve....

Shetland Shortie


Knitting for older childern is a learning curve.... one should not forget to engage them in the process otherwise it is just frustation and the end of any items knitted for them. I had the "brilliant plan" to knit some Shetland Shorties for me, M and S just in time for my father's big birthday dash in July. S & M liked the pattern so OK, I went ahead. But I forgot that all important question, the colour... I though pink for S would be nice since it really is nice with her dress. But no, no and no again. Pink is apparently the most foul colour in the universe... I only learned this fact after I had finished the first one that was meant for S. Luckily the pattern is very very stretchy, so I can wear it (even though it is a bit small) and pink goes  with my dress as well, so just a change of plans then and never forget to ask about both pattern and colour and....

So I decided then to let S search my sock-yarn stash for a nice colour, so it is going to be green (what a surprise...):




It is yarnchef Mulligatawny in "Sour Apple", lovely soft yarn. I have finished the bottom bit now and it is proceeding..

Sour Apples


I also finished my Salina from Rowan Vintage Knits, a quite simple sweater in mainly stockinette. I used Rowan Purelife Revive, a real lovely silk/cotton/viscose mix and recycled too. It is a nice summer sweater for those days that are so typical of a normal north european summer, a bit of sun, some showers, quite a bit of wind and not that warm. I do love this yarn. It is tweedy (always love that) with really brilliant bits of colour, it has a nice drape and feels really strong. Nice stuff!



  1. your Selina looks fantastic; love the colour too. I didn't realise that yarn came in non-natural colours.

  2. Thanks!

    Revive comes in a blue, pink, and purplish and then indeed quite a number of naturals, would love to have some more colours since it is lovely yarn.