Wednesday, June 8, 2011



I have to confess, I am not a very good crocheter. I can do it, made some hats when I was younger, but I find it more difficult than knitting. Both my mother and grandmother did equal amounts of crochet and knitting so I did learn it as a child.  Also I do like crochet trims and Granny Squares in bright colours are very neat indeed, but nevertheless I stick to knitting.

M was ill last evening and night, so we had to stay at home and take it quiet. She has a low fever and throwing up half of the night means that it is a no-no for going to school. She was extremely annoyed, since it was school-concert today and she was going to sing, instead she had to stay home and.....


Learning to crochet

She decided that she wanted to learn to crochet. So here she is making the line longer and longer and taking it very seriously indeed. I guess this means I have to fresh up on my crochet skills as well, to be able to learn her how to do single and double stitches and all that. Now it is only a chain stitch, but one has to start somewhere doesn't one? So any suggestion for an easy pattern that a 6-year old might be able to tackle, I'm open for suggestions!


Knitting news, I bought some DIC Starry to make some Shetland Shorties for all of us (except for D). So here a closing picture of some yarn and from left to right it is Happy Forest, Lipstick Java and Cool Fire.....



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