Sunday, November 22, 2015

November blues


In this part of the world, November is the worst month of the year. Grey skies and so little light. Of course December has even less day-light but at least the Christmas lights are out and somehow with the busy social calendar that comes with December it doesn’t feel so bad. January is the new year and also feels kind of better, but November… This year has been grey and greyer and on the plus site, slightly warmer than usual. That is until this weekend since today snow has been falling and suddenly it is cold and real winter. It is not snow that will keep, probably it will be gone by tomorrow but still. My husband is travelling today for work, so not so good either to have this weather.


But the mittens are in use, so that is good, and I am wearing the cardigan that I just finished. A nice warm cardigan with lace. Woolly (Extra fine merino by Sublime) and soft, just what is needed for a cold day like today. I didn’t change much of the pattern, made it longer as it was pretty short, but no other changes. The lace is pretty easy to remember, easy enough for a commute anyways.

I have more winter knitting lined up, a fast Cowl for S. A nice modern stranded knitted pattern Fusuma. I am subbing silky wool for the original yarn and some small gauge issues aside (row gauge is off but not the sts gauge) it is working pretty neatly. This will be a warm cowl, double “double fabric…. Let’s see if we get a cold winter after all….




Saturday, November 21, 2015

A handful



So the new set of mittens is done….This was quite fun and yes I hav written it all down. But before I bring it out in the world I do want to make another pair, of the bigger one, different wool and colours, just more experimenting with needle size and such…I am happy with them but they are slightly tight. I guess knitting with three colours did that as the cuff is a bit more relaxed. So just playing around to get it right is what is needed. I am kind of happy that I am not a cookbook writer, as I think for refining a recipe eating weeks on end small variations on a dish would make me grumpy, but two sets of mittens I can face…..

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A bit of work



I love stockinette, but every now and then one needs to set themselves a challenge. So these mittens are that for now, own design for my youngest…. I like knitting mittens, they are small and easy to transport while knitting, so normally a good project for in the bus to/from work. But these, not so much so, so not a good design in that sense at all. But they are rewarding as they proceed, quite slowly. On thing will be true, they will be warm, with basically three layers as many of the rows contain three colours and the stranding is quite dense. The colour pattern comes from 150 Scandinavian Motifs, quite a nice little stitch-pattern book. The wool is pure Shetland, 2 ply jumperweight from Jamieson & Smith. Perfect wool for this kind of thing! The colours are spring-like which just fits M very well. I have the hope to develop these in a pattern, with using different weights yarn to obtain different sized gloves, hope fully that will work out nicely as well.

In the bus I am still knitting, a bit more cumbersome to carry around, a cardigan, but an easy lace repeat and quite a bit of stockinette make up for the “bulk”.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Last week was Autumn vacation for the schools here, which meant that my children had the week off and as a good parent I did take them on one day to an modern art museum. The place is Louisiana some 30 km north of Copenhagen. It is easy to travel too as one takes the train from the nearest station and no changes or anything, just a 5 minutes walk on the other side. My eldest one wanted to visit it as there is an exhibition dedicated to Yayoi Kusuma ongoing right now which she wanted to see. I can really say that we all enjoyed it very much, the artist is a very interesting person and  learning more about her was worth the visit. On topic though as one of her “obsessions” nowadays is pumpkins, what better to leave an impression today of some of her works we saw…..






Have a nice Halloween Weekend!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Jean Genie



We in the middle of Autumn peak here, so Jean fits in perfectly as the trees are covered in yellow, mustard, orange and reds. These couple of weeks can be quite wonderful here, all depending whether we have rain or sun. This year has been a bit blended but on th whole quite nice. And it is also the time for putting on your woollies, so a nice pullover with nice cable work is just what the season calls for.

I spotted this sweater the moment it came out, it didn’t linger log in my queue either. I had some Holst Samarkand in a mustardy yellow that I thought would be a good fit. Now this yarn is one those that is a bit oiled for knit-machine purposes. It makes that it feels a bit more rough than it ought to do and while knitting with it, my hands get kind of moistured, which is kind of an added benefit. 

It is a rustic yarn, with nubby silk and I think it goes well with this pattern. I did not change much for this one, did an half-open collar as I thought that would suit me better. After washing the yarn became lots softer so that was good too...

So excuse my just-washed hair, and off for an Autumn walk...


Sunday, October 4, 2015




and do it….

Teens do have specific fashion needs, at least my teen does. Her taste is actually pretty good (says mum), she likes relative simple shapes, sometimes a bit towards vintage like blouses with nice rounded collars or an old-fashioned dress. Or flowing things, not body hugging things and not too big either. Japanese fashion is also a big love, but think “Mori Kei” and not “Lolita”, so all in all not so bad. She also still likes that I knit for her, sometimes things she can cosplay with (see the Watson sweaters I have knit for her)and sometimes just things take take her fancy.

In any case, Relax (and in my head, I just have to add, Don’t do it, as I am of that kind of age)  was an item I had to make for her. It is a pretty simpe knit, as simple as can be actually. Just a lot of stockinette, a bit of increases for the kind of Dolman shape and some seaming. Some yarn-overs for a little bit of an visual effect, and there on goes...

Perfect sweater for S, perfect sweater also for Madelinetosh merino light… I didn’t do any alternating of the skeins and no pooling or anything. Just reminds me that I love TML, apart from the great colours, for a singly ply it is just an amazing yarn.