Sunday, September 14, 2014

When things don't work


Last year I had bought some lovely organic cotton (Alba from BC garn) that I felt could really work with a nice little short-sleeved  cardigan that I had spotted on Ravelry. Since I always think I can knit much more than I actually do, the yarn had simmered in my stash until August when I really thought, one more summer project before the dark part of the year starts… So I downloaded the (free) pattern and started it. It was an usual construction that just didn’t work. I should have browsed the project pages on Ravelry a bit more thorough since more people had this problem and in the end I just gave up. Just a very nice idea but a yielding garment with wrong dimensions….

But i still wanted to knit something and the year crept forward and it rained and rained and then some, so I got in the mood for a cardigan with long sleeves instead and it was also clear it did need to have pockets. I ordered some more yarn, with a contrast colour too. I like stripes in garter stitch and got an idea of having the pockets behind a very deep border of garter stitch strips. 

So that is how this one came about, it is knitted top-down, with raglan sleeves. No shaping in the body for a loose fit, finished with striped garter button bands going along the whole front and neck


I am practising though as I think I would like to make this one again, but in a DK wool just a bit more fitted for the winter. I do have the yarn already, so I think later this autumn...

But practise is good of course….


Saturday, September 6, 2014



Sometimes one just has luck. S wanted a sweater in yellow with a bit of texture and after a browse through Ravelry, Bedford was chosen. Now sometimes I can write  lot about a pattern or the wool, but this one was straight-forward. No changes to the pattern, a simple super wash wool (Cascade 220 super wash) and voila, a good sweater for a teenager. Just one thing, the stitch pattern makes this lovely squishy fabric, when knitting it I kept squeezing it as it was so nice and bouncy. Which is of course good, as winter is coming, autumn is almost here…. And S remarked, oh I hope it is going to get cold soon as this is one warm sweater, butt for me, it can stay warm for just a wee while longer…...


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Not about



Next week school will start again… It has been a long holiday for them (I have been back at work for a bit more than 2 weeks now), so it is kind of mixed feelings. On the whole I think both of them are ready to start again, S will have her last year at ground-school, so she needs to make “decisions” this year…what Gymnasium and what line to choose… M will start middle school officially, unofficially she already has been doing quite some topics at middle school level, but it is still a bit different

Just these last weekends of the holidays have been spent by both of them, sewing… M made her first dress. I helped a bit but she did a lot of the work. She also choose the pattern and the fabric, so hamming it up is allowed:


S made a cosplay costume, a “Captain America” inspired  "school uniform”. There is a “con” next weekend in the town we live, so that’s what it is for. We bought a pattern book while in Japan and the blouse is based on a pattern from that book. Japanese craft books are just so great. As they contain so many schemes one can actually recreate things even if one cannot read the language. I have a number of knitting books that I really like, but the sewing books are maybe even better. I think it is also the styling that really works for me. In any case, S could figure it out, so that was very nice indeed. The skirt is “own” design.

 Good work for both of them, me thinks!



Tuesday, August 12, 2014

and it worked


I am so happy that I did frog that first attempt at making Perkins cove. The new attempt, with modifying it into a cardigan is so  much more me… I used the smalls size, redid the neckline, made it into a cardigan and that’s it… No shaping either, I felt that the drape of the fibre would be enough for shaping this cardigan and it is. It is meant as a throw over a summer dress or skirt on a not that warm day, and I think that is what it does now. so happy me, starting again can be so very worthwhile! I guess it just shows that it is good to know what one likes and would wear, since even though I knit fast, I still rather make things I wear than ones that are nice but not worn.

II finished the edges at the bottom again with an i-cord, such a good bind-off for linen. Also for the neckline I used an i-cord, for the edges at the front, a bit of garter was used knitted with smaller needles to get a good solid edge. Small black shaft buttons finish it of.



Sunday, August 3, 2014

Rip it up and start again



Just like most people I do not like to undo knitting. So when I make a mistake I always try to see whether a) is it really bad and would I be bothered by it and b) is there a fix. I have learned however that if I am bothered by it, it is much much better to face it and work back to the mistake and redo it. Fixes can be things like a dropped stitch which can be amended with the help of a crochet hook, a cable can be reknitted and so on. But the real bad ones are those where you realise that you have to go back a long long way…. Strangeley enough I rather rip than tink back, but that is just me I guess.   And that was what I did with the pullover above. It is a Perkins Cove Pullover and I do like the dropped stitch pattern with the linen very much. However allready when I was casting on I had my doubts about the fit. On the project pages of Ravelry for this design, somebody mentioned that this pattern runs big, and yes running big is what it does. I thought well, that can be nice, a big slouchy linen pullover can be a good thing a bit of shaping maybe and it will work fine. But after knitting about half of it, I realised that it is really not me. So Rip it Up and Start Again it is… I am remaking it as a cardigan in a smaller size….

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

You gotta have that swing


Just at the start of the summer, S asked me if I could make a type of waterfall cardigan for her. One of those cardigans that you could wrap yourself in and feel good, but for the summer and to go with a summer dress or so. We did a bit of browsing suitable patterns on Ravelry and she choose the Hitofude Cardigan which was kind of unexpected. Unexpected since I had it in my queue for myself, basically from the first time I saw that pattern. I have even some Madelinetosh merino light in a nice light-brown colour reserved for it, but it had been in that queue for some time…. I am one of these people whose queue gets longer and longer and never any smaller. And then there are also ideas popping up in my head, so, queue reduction, it will not happen. So I thought, OK then, I’ll make a Hitofude for S. Now she asked for a summer version, if possible not wool. When Sparrow was introduced I bought quite a bit of it, 19 skeins I had at a moment. I still had 7 left, and as it is a lovely 4-ply linen in a neutral colour that goes very well for this pattern, I felt that those last skeins could go for this cardigan. 

Roko, the designer of the pattern, has a summer version in which the lace repeats for the body are slightly different and I did like that very much. So I used that modification. I did one extra repeat at the end to make the cardigan a bit longer. The original pattern ends with a 1k,1p border, but I felt that might make the swing actually less, so I decided to use an I-cord finish instead. Linen is very nice in the sense that when blocked it keeps shape very very well, so just the I-cord in combination with the lace pattern and the yarn would prevent curling. It was quite a finish (boring and time taking) but it proved out to work. So I am happy with it. S as well, and for once I wished she wasn’t since then I could have it after all….

Maybe that TML will be used for a 2nd one…. as it was actually a very fast knit (apart from that I-cord).


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Very Cool Crochet


Brilliant art installation in an open air museum in Hakone. And it is interactive , hands on for the under twelve year's old. The teenager was "annoyed" since she fancied a swing and climb too, but no....