Monday, May 2, 2016

Every last bit



Last week after I finished Polaris, I was a bit stuck. On the one hand, I had a number of summer projects that I had in mind for this summer, so one of those would be the obvious thing to cast on. Except that the weather was really not for summer knitting. Hail & sleet are really not enticing for starting a summer project. But it was the end of April, and surely a change of weather has to come...

I made a Cladonia earlier this year and that was quite a fun project. I had quite a bit of the counter colour left-over and if I would have just enough of a main, that would be fine little project to tide me over. I had to repair a small hole in one of M’s sweaters, so I went through my left-over basket and found more than 1/2 a skein of Tosh Merino light in Iris (blue), so ideal… I would have a red and a blue Cladonia…. 


I casted on and about half-way through the main body I started to get doubts whether I would have enough blue… I did also have quite a bit of the main colour left-over from my first shawl, so that was an option. When I was at the point to knit the lace, I measured both my blue and my red skein and the red was just about 3 grams more, and I though OK I go for the biggest one and make a red, white, blue shawl instead. After all, I am dutch so there is that aspect ;-)

This was a good decision since at the end I started to get really really nervous, but I made it, but my red skein is completely gone now… 

And the weather? The weather has changed now, mild sunny days is the prospect….




Wednesday, April 27, 2016




And it is done, my Polaris is finished. This was a breeze of a knit, no major changes apart from that I made the body quite a bit longer. The one difference I could have made is to redo the bind-off for the neckband, it is all right but it could have been a bit more loose.  I do like this length of sleeves, just warm enough for the time of year, but also going it a bit more “warm part of the year” look.

I used Dandelion for this knit and it is lovely. A merino with a bit of linen. It has the same lovely colours as Madeline Tosh light, but it has a more rustic component. The colour is fitting a Polaris, a dark blue with some hints of purple and some white bits from the linen, just like a starry nigh-sky with Polaris as your guide… It has to be said too, the nights here are getting rapidly shorter and this time of the year there is always a hint of light in the sky. I have never been up-north in Sweden (I am afraid of the mosquitos) but one day….

Monday, April 25, 2016

Looking at you....



Just a monday morning picture, my Polaris is getting finished and I just tested the length. This is the second time that I had cast-off the main body, the first time round I felt it was too short, this time I am happy. This will be a nice spring sweater!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Silk and such..



My first summer project has been finished, a fun top well suited for a teenager. I knitted this with Kiito which is a 100% silk yarn. But it is one of those dry silk yarns and not one of those smooth shiny silk yarns. It makes for a lovely slightly tweedy fabric which will work so nice for hot summer days. Not that we have hot summer days yet, but hopefully later in the year we get at least some of them. I made some minor changes to the pattern, the main one is that I didn’t do a single row of crochet at the neckline. That felt too flimsy, instead I did a couple of rows of garter in the contrast colour. Otherwise no big changes. As this was mainly stockinette, this was a fast project, just like the one I am working on now. With a yarn like this stockinette can work so well...

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ready for Spring


It is nice that spring is on its way. On Sunday we went out to watch the Cranes resting on their long track to the north and after that we had a long walk along a river with fields with loads of birds back from the South, lapwings, oyster catchers, geese, a lark in the sky and that was really really nice. Unfortunately there was a very cold strong wind and I was already feeling a bit iffy, so on Monday I had a fever and was in bed. Spring too? I am feeling better now so it wasn’t a long one, but annoying it was.

Anyways I finished my Braid Hills, a little spring cardigan with some nice twisted stitches to keep me just warm enough. It was a pretty straight-forward knit, I didn’t really change anything except the sequence of how I knitted it (one front first, then the back and then the other front) in order to minimise the seaming. I also picked up the sts for the sleeves just very slightly different, but really those are not big changes.I found some nice buttons in my stash that added to the vintage feeling. 

I can’t really see the rowing out anymore after blocking and the cables show up neat and nicely. This is nice yarn with that slightly “artisan” feel, not as polished as some yarns, but very nice and soft and that nice heathered colour. 


Sunday, March 20, 2016



it’s spring, so I am knitting a cardigan that is hopefully perfect for just this time of year. It is lightweight and has a soft-colour, not toasty warm but more an item to take that chill away. There is a bit of cable work, or actually twisted stitches going on to keep it interesting, so I am quite happy. The yarn is the main thing. It is De Rerum Natura Ulysses which is made from white and black merino sheep. That mixture gives the yarn a grey heather which makes the colour quite hard to describe but also quite lively. It is quite a soft yarn with a nice drape and it is just ever so slightly fuzzy which makes that the stitch definition is not as good as for some merino wools. I also have a slight whiff of rowing out which is also funny. I sometimes have a bit of rowing out with certain cotton yarns, but I do not think I ever had it with a woollen yarn so I am a bit puzzled. It is however less bad in real life than in the photo so I can definitely live with it, but it is just one of those riddles, why does this wool do this...

Since the yarn is so soft and still quite sturdy feeling and the colour is so nice, I think I might come back to this one, maybe for a lace cardigan...

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Summer is coming....

Yesterday I was with my big daughter at Malmö syfestivalen, and can I just say that it was a good thing she was there as I would probably have increased my stash even more than I did… So summer knitting all lined up now….