Saturday, December 2, 2017

Small things



I like knitting sweaters and normally I would always have a sweater on the needles. But recently, with the weather getting colder and a trip to Saskatoon for work,  I have been drawn to smaller items, socks, hats and mittens… A warm cowl as well. The good thing about knitting small items is that it is so much easier to work on them while in a bus, plane or automobile. Not all of them of course, the multi-coloured fair-isle cowl  was not a commuter project, but it was lots of fun to make. Apart from having to seam a load of small threads at the end. 


Another matter is that  these assecoires are really used heavily at the moment as there was even the first thin layer of snow on the ground here… Who knows it might be a proper winter this year.



1 comment:

  1. Look how pretty! That's a beautiful pattern on the mittens. I am starting the same socks this afternoon. Lovely work!