Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lucky, lucky

March Beret

Sometimes one has to have a bit of luck. I knitted a March Beret, cables and bobbles and interesting knitting. The brim was quite all right in size but after the increase round, I had this feeling that it would give an awfully big hat. The tension was right, and a short look at other projects for this pattern on Ravelry taught me that it was kind of a common problem. When I realised it would be huge I could have done two things, either continue and hope for the best (sometimes things appear bigger than they actually are) or frog and reknit with another yarn on smaller needles. I choose  the first option, but no looks sometimes don't deceive, so it was huge.


But I have used chickadee before and I know you can felt it…so I thought, well why not try and see what happens… So I wahed the hat with some other small items on the not roughest cycle. That did the trick:

March beret felted

And lo and behold, now it is a proper size, good stiff beret too and we are all happy with this bit of real good luck...


March beret felted

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