Saturday, February 2, 2013

A different combination

Two Tone Tam again


When I knitted a Two-Tone Tam I was really curious how it would look like in a different combination. So when visiting yarn-shops in New York I was looking out for yarn to be used for that. The original tam was just finished, so it was fresh in my mind. M choose the colours for the next one to be. Very different, not tonal at all, but I like them. This one is knitted in Karabella Aurora 4, a real nice merino, it reminds me of Rowan 4-ply soft and that is a very good thing (and why they ever discontinued that one…. well I do question Rowan's decisions quite a bit, Calmer is another one….).

Anyway this is my 2nd two-tone tam, quite different and quite the same…..

But, for now, I think I will leave stranded knitting and colurwork for a while. I do feel stockinette calling to me, a simple very classic A-line cardigan for M is on the menu. An own design, I hope it will work out as I have it in my mind...


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