Sunday, February 24, 2013


Jane Doe

Some weeks are just not to write about. Last weekend M was ill, and I was really worried that it would be a longer affair, but as it turned out the day after she was fine again, the fever was gone and she was her own cheerful self again. Which is always a thing when children are ill, there is so little one can do and it isn't at all nice when they are ill. On top of it, to make me slightly more stressed feeling, I had a hell of a week ahead of me, so that was a major relief when M persisted she wanted to go to school on monday. All was well, until during monday night, I absolutely couldn't sleep and I felt kind of weird and also feeling as if a cold was on its way. I fell asleep finally and after only 3 hours sleep I had that "oh I have a major cold coming upon me feeling", so I decided to not to go to work that day in the hope that by staying home, it wouldn't develop into a major cold and my things I had to do later in the week wouldn't be in peril. It was good I stayed at home, since at noon I had 39.6° and yes I didn't have a major cold, I did have influenza. High fever, headaches, pain in all my muscles, coughing and all…. So that was that for the rest of the week. The fever has gone by now, I feel still as if I ran a maraton and didn't sleep for a month, I'm still coughing but I am really getting better. And all those things I had to do last week….they have been postponed, which is a good thing and a bad thing since I know that the coming month will be much work and not much play….

Didn't do much apart from laying in bed and watching Fringe episodes with S (love Fringe, really love it), yesterday I picked up my needles again, and worked on a lightweight cardigan to be. It is knitted in Madelinetosh tosh lace, on 3.75 mm, giving a nice airy fabric. It has a bit of a Fringe itself, but really it is more a peplum in sideways garter stitch. The garter was slow going, but now I am in the body doing stockinette it flies. The colour is also appropriate Fringe like, monochromatic…. And since I am still allowed to do nothing much, I can at least sit on the sofa and knit a bit…...

Jane Doe

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