Thursday, May 31, 2012

I made it…..

Dark night Melkweg


When I went into MadMay, my intention was to knit 3 sweaters and I knew it would be real challenge. But nothing is as good a real challenge and every now an then it is good to have one. But as I was finishing my 2nd sweater I had severe doubts whether the third one would be finished in time. 

Dark night Melkweg

But i did it, well it kind of helped that I was homebound for some time with nothing more to do than knit….. But I am kind of happy that I managed it. TML is lovely to knit with and that helped a lot as well.

So this is my 2nd Melkweg. I made it more cropped, changed the neckline and altered the button bands slightly.  I think it works better like this. It is actually quite difficult to get the colour of this right, it is somewhat bluer/more purplish than what it shown in the pictures. 

Dark night Melkweg

As for the future, I'm thinking it is time for linen….

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