Sunday, January 20, 2013


It is cold here, with severe frost every night. So a very good moment to put my wool stash outside, just as a precaution. Anything creepy and alive in my stash will not withstand the -15° C treatment. Not that I have a problem with moths, but better be sure than not.

So I was cleaning out my cupboard and found this:


The front and the back of a small sweater I started when I just came to Skåne. I didn't know then (but learned since) that this little sweater is a real Skåne sweater. The geese are the first symbol. In autumn and winter they are very much visible and audible. Nils Holgersson climbed on his goose here in Skåne, and on the 10th of November (the evening before St-Martin's day), traditionally a goose is served for dinner. Red and yellow are the colours of Skåne's flag. The grey represents the weather, as it is dominated by the sea, there are a lot of grey days here. The blocks at the bottom are reminiscent of the old houses in many towns in Skane, like quite a number of houses in Lund.


I bought this at Sländan and I do think the owner of the shop designed this pattern as well. I should ask her one day, as it is a lovely design with all those symbols in its patterns. Why I never finished it? I actually don't completely recall. I knitted this very slowly and I do remember that there was an accident with the yarn, which meant that I had to throw away quite a bit. Then I ran out and I started to knit something else. And now I don't know what the yarn was that was used for this design. It is wool, a nice fingering one too, but other than that… And to make matters worse, I did lose the pattern, I guess I could make it them up. It is a drop-shoulder design after all, but I do recall that there was some nice pattern elements in the sleeves as well.

Technically it is hibernating since 2002 I guess, but now it got its moment anyways….

Skane geese


  1. I love the geese, and the story. You must try and work a way to work them into something! Loving your blog (thank you for telling me about your Fleet sweater on Rav) and added to my blog roll.My eldest daughter is living, working and studying in Groningen, and has a Dutch BF. Fiona x

    1. Yes I guess I should do something with it, some day..... I guess I should go back to the shop and get some more yarn and just finish it, but I also have a row of things to knit next and...

      As for Groningen, I went to university there and I did my PhD studies there as well. I lived there for nearly 12 years... and I still think if I ever would return to the Netherlands, it would be the place I would like to I hope your daughter likes it as much as I do !