Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bye bye summer

Greener than Grass

Although I do like Autumn in general, I don't really like September. I think it is the days that get so much shorter and the realization that summer is really over and done for this year. The students come back into town, I have to teach, not that I can complain about that, since I do not teach a lot, but what I teach is in September… Come October and I'm used to it again, and then the trees start their colour show and I am all for Autumn… But right now, nay not quite there yet….

I finished my last summer project as well… I had to wait for that extra skein of yarn, but it is worth it. Very very wearable, no major changes to the pattern and a terrific colour green…. I have knitted with Hempathy before and I do know that it will get only nicer when washing and wearing it, so that is even better. It is really a very good yarn for lace and this pattern (Pinnate cardigan) has some real nice panels of it.

I did make one change, I did knit the sleeves flat and seamed them later. This as because I didn't want any changes in the gauge. Sometimes I get that when knitting in the round vs knitting flat and since the main body was knitted flat, I felt I better do the sleeves in the same way. So after the sleeve edges (very nice frilly detail there!) I added one extra stitch on each side that is consumed by the seam. It worked out fine. 

One excellent thing of Autumn coming…. woolly yarns call me again…..

Greener than Grass


  1. It turned out beautifully! September is nice here as we get longer days and all the flowers begin to bloom and everything turns green again!

    1. Thank you!

      Yes I know what you mean, it is like March here, spring time is nice!