Saturday, September 22, 2012


Bigger on the Inside


Excuse the mess of the sheet and so on, but I am blocking Bigger on the Inside right now….. S is pretty happy about it, she has been selling the positives of Dr Who hard and many of her friends are hard core fans now as well (Dr Who is not shown on Swedish TV, so the is a feat) and she got even  her "English" english teacher in on the plan. The other week they had an hour of watching Dr Who in English, no subtitles for english class. So yeah, this shawl will just be IT….

Hopefully tomorrow some wearing pictures, and also maybe an idea for a modification, since M wants one too… But I will not knit one the same, so a modification it will be, and a test bit comes maybe tomorrow…. (I think I have it finished by then).

Bigger on the Inside

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