Saturday, July 28, 2012

Try it on…..



A very big advantage of knitting from the top down is of course that it can be tried on…. This is an Olearia in Cascade Ultra-Pima "spearmint" and when I started it, I wasn't sure whether I would do the gathers all the way down, or just in the top… When I had the yoke done and had to make the decision it was a moment of try it on and see…. So M and I decided that the main body would be plain stockinette to contrast the yoke. Also only buttons in the top and a bit more A-line for the body, so I added 6 increase rows in the main body to achieve that. It is going quick….long hot days and easy pickings…..

We did watch the OS opening last night and yes, brilliant and bonkers are the appropriate words, I liked it a lot and laughed a good deal too, something I really had not expected. I'm not terribly fond of these kind of events but the rumour that it would contain sheep in the rain was enough bait for us to watch it. And we were not disappointed, the sheep were there and this was just irreverent enough to love it!


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