Monday, July 9, 2012



I am so fortunate to be off work for some weeks. Well not completely since I do have some reading job to do, but that I can do at home…. After a lot of going back and fro we also decided to stay home this year for the summer and there are no major home improvement jobs to be done either. So we go on day trips and garden and knit…. So I decided to go off plain stockinette (which I do love) or garter stitch and knit some serious texture…. In this case Carrie by Kim Hargreaves. This was my favorite pattern from the Misty book, but I wasn't so sure about the yarn (fine milk-cotton), so it came into my queue and stayed there. Until earlier this year when I discovered that Rowan had made one of my favourite yarns into a 4-ply version: Wool Cotton. Wool Cotton is just perfect for stitch work, it really makes the stitches shine. It is lovely to knit with and it also is a real good "not too cold, not too warm" yarn. And this summer being what it is (not a stable warm one, but a "grab the nice day when it comes by" one) it is good to have that kind of cardigans around. The colour is "rich" a lovely red, difficult to photograph though….


Yesterday was one of those days that you just have to grab, lovely warm and sunny, so we went to Wanås. This is a "castle" with a big sculpture park around it. The sculptures are from a real varied set of artists (from Yoko Ono to Robert Wilson and many more) and the setting is gorgeous. Just some impressions:




I also finished one other small textured garment: a Ramono Racerback tank for M. Nice for the real warm days, in Allino a cotton-linen combination. Now I just hope that the summer will turn around and become stable and warm….


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