Wednesday, July 25, 2012




Some things are so simple and yet so nice. I just knitted Petrie and really there is nothing more then hemmed edges, stockinette and increases and yet the result is just sleek. Simplicity can be just it for a nice summer top. It is classy, highly wearable and summery. great pattern, I might even make another one, one day!

I used Berroco Pure Pima in a charcoal colour and this is a real nice cotton. It has a very slight stretch or give which makes it very nice to knit with. There is a slight sheen to it too, so that gives it some understated chic as well. Today is actually a real warm day and it feels really nice to wear this. The only slight negative is that one has to knit with a bit care not too split the yarn, but really it wasn't bad and it knitted up very very quick.  


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