Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Dalby Söderskog

The best thing of staying home during the summer is that it gives the possibility to actually discover a bit of the place where one lives…. There are so many nice places and during the year one never has time to go to any of them. There are many small  and bigger nature reserves, places to go to have a walk and enjoy how things look like.

This afternoon we went to one smaller reserve just south of Dalby. There was lush forest and some unexpected high tops that give a beautiful view of the very south of Sweden. There are also sections with many dead Elm trees (Dutch Elm disease is a big problem here) and those give an eerie sight. I think it is kind of nice that they left the trees as they are, bald white skeletons, and let nature go on. There is quite a lot of vegetation and things will grow again, so it is good not to sanitize immediately…..

Söder om Dalby

It is also getting close to harvest time, the wheat was looking actually quite high and healthy. There has been quite a cold and wet period this summer, but lately the weather has taken a turn, and last week was very warm and now it is very pleasant. I hope that the farmers here do have a good harvest, they could use one, but the fields do look good this year (but I am not an expert….)

I also had a small harvest:


Olearia finished. After the yoke I did actually not longer use the pattern. I decided it would be good if it was a slightly longer cardigan but with some contrast between the gathered portions. So the main body is in stockinette, but with some more gathers at the bottom. I included increase rows to make the cardigan more A-line shaped. The sleeves are knitted with the gathers, just straight down, no shaping, until the very last garter stitch sections where I did a row of k3, k2tog repeat. The sleeves are 3/4, since I though that would be good for summer. M is happy with her cardigan, so that is good too….


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