Sunday, August 12, 2012


Last week I was working again, summer holidays was over after some weeks of not doing much. Well it was a gently landing since I was at a conference in Norway and while it was work (and long days) it was not normal work either. Anyways this week I will go really go back to work but first….



Some days are just too good…. yesterday was such a day. There where not many perfect summer days this summer, but yesterday was definitely one of them.  Luckily as things go it was my birthday too :-) So we had a lovely summer's day in Copenhagen with perfectly behaved kids and a lovely dinner too…. In the evening it was warm enough and clear enough to spot a falling star, so I even could make a wish, just a great way to end the day. 

Other than that, I have been returning to Allino (BC garn) a lot this summer. Allino is a cotton-linen blend from BC-garn, 50-50 blend in lovely bright colours. I had knitted with it before but for one reason or another I have three project this summer that are knitted with it. I really like this yarn, it is  sport weight, so it makes light fabrics and it somehow combines the best of cotton an linen without taking in the negatives. The items I made from it are quite different too. The first one was Ramona, I had a picture on that some weeks ago. A small racer-back  top for M in a nice bright turquoise.

Next one up, was Cinnie in a golden hue, a lacy cropped cardigan for S:


I really like the way this came out, The lace is great and the yarn makes this a real great little summer cardigan. S is happy with it too, She is in a yellow phase, so this is just right. The pattern is fun, since it is all picking up and knitting at strange angles. Great stuff for the summer...

Now, I started a Allino project for me: Flaming June (knitty), except it is more Cooling Blue… Easy knitting, good for on the train. Tomorrow I am teaching in Copenhagen, north of the centre, at least 1.5 hours commute to it (and back as well), lovely knitting time :-)

Cooling Blue

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