Tuesday, August 21, 2012


1990 sweater


Sometimes it is good that I keep things until they are really too ratty to be worn. In my cupboard some old sweaters that I knitted around 1990 are hiding. This is one of them, the pattern comes from a Lang magazine and it is knitted in a cotton-viscose mix (at least that's what I think) bough at that wonder of department stores, the HEMA…. I have not worn it in at least 20 years…. One of the reasons is that it is a drop-shoulder sleeve design and I really do not like to wear dropped shoulders. They don't do anything for me… but in those days, so many patterns were dropped shoulders and over-big was in. This is in no way "a very very much too big" item as some sweaters from that area so clearly are, but still...

But now these things come back into fashion, and while I will still not wear them, I have somebody who will… yeah for (nearly) teenagers….


1990 sweater


On her way to school this morning, good thing I still had that sweater, and it is still a very nice stitch pattern…..

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