Thursday, April 5, 2012

Work Fun

At work


Normally I wouldn't really write about my work here, but since this week we had such fun visiting the building site for our new laboratory I thought I would put some pictures here. Basically we are involved in a very big science infra structure project and along the way we need to have promotion material. The planning of this facility started almost a decade ago and we became involved about some months before my 2nd child was born. For many years it was just planning and grant writing & writing, but now the building has really started, so it is very exciting for us.  A new stage in the building process is coming near, and for the occasion we went out and took some fun pictures.

At work

This is the place where our bit of the facility will be placed, so we mark it out , where exactly it will be built. This is probably one of the last times one can see the soil, soon it will be dug for the laying of the foundations which will actually be some meters thick. The science we want to do is in the micron to sub-micron size, so things need to be very very stable.

It was actually my first visit to the site since building was started. There were earlier visits, but I couldn't go since on both occasions I was away. This time I was lucky though! In about 3 weeks I will go again, will be fun to see the changes….

At Work


There is some part where one has come a bit further, and one gets also a better feeling how big this will be.

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