Saturday, April 14, 2012


A little frill


I'm still learning how to do knit set-in like sleeves with the contiguous method and this was the latest effort. It's roomy right now, but I guess with M in a grow-spurt it is better like that. Other than that, I think I now know what to do and what not. It is not really hard to do and I think a saddle type of sleeves are really the nicest way to knit with this method. The shoulders slope more then with a seamed treatment and depending on your body build that can be a disadvantage.

I have another idea in my head for using the contiguous method and since I didn't have the color of yarn I wanted to use for that right now in my stash, I actually broke my yarn diet vows…. Well not completely, since I have said that I could buy new yarn if it was for a new design...

In this case, it is not a new yarn, in fact it is a yarn I bought years ago. It is Ella Rae, Shibu a worsted silk-viscose mix. Quite a nice rustic type of yarn, with quite a bit of character, but somehow I wished it was a sport or light DK weight instead of worsted….

A little frill

Since it is a sunny spring day:

A little frill

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