Thursday, April 5, 2012




Harmony, finished. Kim Hargreaves is my favorite designer, who I will come back to, time after time…. This project shows why, just a very good fit, details well placed and timeless classic projects.

I also like Summer Tweed a lot! There is something about this yarn that divides people into two camps, I love the dryness of the yarn, the colors are just great and it is a real summer tweed!

The buttons are wooden ones from Etsy, I think they work really well with the yarn.

So I am ready for Easter and on my "Paasbest"...


  1. It looks great. I love the shape and colour.

  2. hello, english is not my first language and i'm in trouble with harmony's 12th row.
    I think is not complete and said...cast off 7 sts(1 st left on needle), to end. 23 sts.

    Can you help me??? thanks

    1. Hi

      I wil check the pattern later today and come back to you! You can also try ravelry and see if people have an idea!