Saturday, April 28, 2012

A ray of sunshine



The last couple of weeks have been cold and miserable. We had a very warm week in March and since then it has been cold (but dry), but the last couple of days we also got rain. Of course we should remember that April is the cruelest month, but this year it really was. One of those years that Easter was actually colder than Christmas day….

So today was a typical day, it just started with torrential rain and barely 8°C, so I feared that it would be a total inside day once again….. but it became dry and the sun came through and the temperature raced to a whole 15°C…. and it started to smell of earth and growth and spring. So a good moment to make some more photo's of Melkweg, another contiguous cardigan with a bit of textured stitches. 


I do need to tune a little, mainly more stitches to add under the arms, but for M it is OK since she is so narrow.  But for the pattern and for the next one I will add those stitches. I do need to move some of the buttons as well….. I was tired last night when I sewed them on and I didn't do them right. I couldn't be bothered to redo that this morning, but I really ought to do so…. But on the whole I am happy with this cardigan especially with the textures.

One advantage of the cold weather…..much longer blossom time:


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  1. I really love that pattern, so pretty. It sounds like your having similar weather to us at the moment, although a bit warmer.