Thursday, April 19, 2012




I do have a lot of very nice "sock" yarn and while I have knitted many a sock, at the moment I am not into sock knitting at all. But I do try to knit from stash, so there remains the "sock" yarn. Small little shawls are the right solution!

This one is called Bakersfield and is a bit special since it is in stockinette and not garter. An easy knit, with an easy lace repeat and a very nice result. The yarn used is Blue Hand Fibers sock yarn in the colour "Sunflowers". It fits really well with the daffodils flowering right now :-) The colour is probably most like the picture below, a real nice sunny yellow with a bit of spring-green. Just the colors to make me happy (spring does that to me, especially here in Sweden). It also does that for my eldest one, who grabbed this little shawl the moment it was finished and has been wearing it since…..


Now to my big fall from grace….. I did want to knit from stash until June, but I have failed…. After all the experimenting with the contiguous method, I got an idea in my head of a pattern for a cardigan going from 7-year old sizes to adult ones. But I did not have the quantity of yarn that I wanted to use (my utmost favourite yarn Madelinetosh merino light) nor the colour for the smallest size I wanted to int. So I ordered some, and some for me and some for my eldest…. So I will knit 3 sizes of the same cardigan in 3 different colours in the same yarn. The start is here:



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