Monday, November 28, 2011


Storm damage


Storm damage


Last night, a small but violent storm visited the south of Sweden. During the day the wind picked up in speed and in the late afternoon it started to be "full-on". D was supposed to play a concert in Denmark, but just 3 minutes before he wanted to cross the bridge from Sweden to Denmark, the authorities decided to close the bridge for all road-traffic. He came home safe and I was actually glad that he didn't make it to the other side of the Sound.

Anyways around 10 to 11 in the evening things started to get really spooky….. and somewhere around that time the first one of our elms came down. We actually didn't noticed at first, there was too much noise to do so. Little background, our elms are a group of 5 to 6 elm trees that are in our garden. When we moved in they were grand trees with a really impressive canopy during the summer. About 3 to 4 years after we moved in we were told that they had gotten "Dutch Elm Disease" and they would die. Indeed they did, within 3 years they were all dead.  They are not very close to the house and birds (especially woodpeckers) were around the trees a lot, so we left them for the time being. Elm wood is a bit strange since it actually gets harder and we were told that they wouldn't really cause big risks. Last summer our neighbour  (a farmer) proposed to help to finally remove them and that was more or less planned to happen next year.

But now it happened a bit faster than that…. We were lucky since the wind was pure west and the tree fell onto the road and not on the garage.  We were also lucky that it was the farmer-neighbour who spotted the tree around 11 since he just went got a saw & tractor and rowed the debris from the road. When he & D were dealing with the first tree, a second one came down too… Scary stuff.

As said we were lucky with the direction of the wind, OK the fence is pretty much destroyed but it could have been much worse, and yes the remaining trees will go now a bit faster too..

But for cats & girls it has a positive side as well:

Storm damage

And to finsih, I have started a test-knit for In Transit, see this post on Ravelry for the details.


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