Saturday, November 12, 2011



Even though D is from Scotland, I have never knitted with true yarn from the Shetlands. I have admired the colour work produced with it, but for one reason or another never done anything with it myself. I didn't see it in the shops, and on the net it is difficult to make a proper choice from all the colours available. Until this summer in Edinburgh….

There they had a small selection of Spindrift and I just had to try it. They didn't have a lot of colors so I just picked 2 greys and  2 pinks and thought this should do for a light-weight cardigan for M.

So now I'm knitting with it, and it has to be said, never has colour work knitting been so easy. The yarn grabs and is extremely easy to tension and even before a slight block it looks beautiful. Yes it is a bit scratchy, but this is to be worn over a long armed T-shirt anyways. And I do guess it gets a bit softer when it is washed. But what a dream to knit colour with, maybe I should try to order some colour-cards…..

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