Saturday, November 19, 2011




Last week i came home quite late a couple of nights, traveling by bus.  We had a small conference at the start of the week and a dinner attached to that, the next day we ran into technical problems at work and they had to be solved. Late nights….. But anyways that isn't the cause of the grrrrrr itself…

I do most of my knitting during the week when I'm commuting so I knitted those two nights on the bus home as well, but it was dark and I was tired. And then I discovered yesterday that I had lost the ball of one of the contrast colors on one of those nights. So now I am stuck on the yoke, and the finish is in sight and I can't make it. And that makes me go grrrrrr. Of course I searched the whole house, our car, my office at work and whatnot, but it is gone and the bus is just so likely. Especially since I did one of the stranded motifs  for a sleeve in the bus and I did cut the thread…..

I ordered a new ball from Scotland (no supplier around here), so it will be at least a week before it will arrive. Ah well that just shows me to be more careful, even when being tired after a long day….. But on the bright side, I did order a colourcard for Spindrift….. so maybe it was just meant to be so….




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