Sunday, December 11, 2011

Colour confusion



There are so many colours of Spindrift, it is easy to get confused….. I thought I lost a skein of "Sorbet", but when I got the replacement skein it was a more muted color pink then the one I had been using. I also got an amazing colourcard with that skein, so I could check.

My colour pink turned out to be "Sherbet" and not "Sorbet"…… I guess I can be excused for that mistake….


Anyways, I bought another skein, another week of waiting and then finally I could knit the yoke band...


I love how it tried out. It is understated, but vibrant as well. The yoke is a mixture of a raglan followed by a round yoke for the colourwork band. I did series of short rows to bring the back up.

I was lucky with the buttons too. I found some neat vintage buttons in a gentle pink colour. I opted for many buttons (11) and I do think that works well with this type of cardigan. When I was knitting it, M tested it for size a couple of times, but she found it was a bit "itchy". Luckily she I had blocked it and neatened all the loose threads, she thought it was not bad anymore at all. In fact she likes it so much she wants a beret with the same motifs….. I have left-overs so, who knows….

The sleeves and body are slightly log, but that is on purpose as she will grow into them and then hopefully it can worn a bit longer.



  1. That is a beautiful sweater on a very beautiful young lady!

  2. It looks quite classic unblocked, but much funkier worn by the charming model! Love the mismatched flowers in her hair.