Saturday, December 17, 2011

Comfort Cat

Highland Fling


This is Totoro, our comfort cat…. not only does he have a nose to find anything soft (and knitted) within seconds of me putting it down, he also is very pettable . Simply, he has a very huge "aaibaarheidsfactor", so he gets away with quite a bit. So him sleeping there was a photo-opportunity…..

Anyway the item he found comfort on a couple of days ago, was my almost finished shawl "Highland Fling", made in Madelinetosh Alpaca Dream. The color is "Teddy Bear". It is a singly ply mix of alpaca and merino wool. For a single ply it feels very "heavy" and it is really lovely to knit with.

Now at work they have installed some "fresh air" thing in my office. The place of my office is totally enclosed within a building and the windows that I have give me a look onto loads of equipment. So fresh air is an issue, especially in summer time. But right now it just drops down on me and I just feel a very cold draught. So I need shawls and such more then anything else. I spotted this design on the back of an interweave knit magazine and I know that it would go really well together with this yarn. It is called Highland Fling and comes from a Classic Elite brochure.

Today I wore it, and yes this will be so good for potting my shoulders… I  have a soft spot for garter stitch, and this yarn really shines in it.

Highland Fling

Now I have to excuse myself for my wet hair, but we were in a hurry and daylight being scarce these days, S just made some quick pictures before we were off for the last bit of christmas presents shopping in town.

Highland Fling

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