Sunday, December 1, 2013

Not so bad



I finished the Lace cardigan yesterday, I had that colour difference hanging over it, but as the sleeves don’t show a difference and the button bands neither, it actually is not noticeable unless you know…. So I am happy right now. 

 Other notes, I did make a lot of changes to the pattern, mainly make it longer, forgo the ribbing at the bottom and for the sleeves I just did my own thing and didn’t even check the pattern… I was careful not too knit the sleeves too long but stick to a bracelet length as I find that quite a comfortable sleeve length. The button bands I did in 2k, 2p and I used lots of buttons too…There is some gentle shaping for the waist, but not that much, just a little bit. The original pattern used smaller needles for waist shaping, I did some decreasing and increasing instead.

I think this is quite an elegant pattern, the boldness of this colour sets it of (I think) and for the grey days of December that might just be right...

I would have liked the sleeves a bit less baggy, but on the other hand, it is comfy. The yarn is nice and soft, hope it holds up like other Madelinetosh yarns do….




  1. I love it! About color changes in hand-dyes, I decided to give up caring about yarn color changes. I hate alternating skeins so much, but I love hand-dyes. Interestingly, my father had fallen in love with a madtosh sweater that has all sorts of color changes IN THE SAME SKEINS, and when I complained he said, "No, it's great! This is the only way you know that there is handiwork there, and no machine involved!"

  2. Thanks! Actually I have washed it now once and there was a little bit of colour bleeding, which was a good thing for once as the difference is now even smaller... I actually don't really mind alternating skeins, I just forgot to do it and I really don't like frogging a lot. I do it when I must, but if I can live with a mistake, I will do so...handmade indeed ;-)