Sunday, December 15, 2013

Kitten Mittens



I have to admit that I can run into small obsessions….at the moment it seems to be Mitten making. Don’t know why, I used to make quite a lot of socks but somehow that got onto the back burner and I have not knit socks for over 2 years or so. But even though I know that big daughter will wear them, they do not call out for me (yet). Mittens do however, and really both of them are so similar, in a way, knitted on dpn's with slighty tighter gauge than for a sweater… Mittens do not have heels, but thumbs, so there it stops. But anyway I just finished the "Bird in Hand” mittens that do require that you read the graph for each and every round. A very nice baroque mitten, good and warm and with the sturdy wool good for a snow ball or two  (if the snow of last weekend was not the last one for this winter, right now it is unusually warm and very very grey and miserable….). 

But I am not done yet with Mittens, my last pair is coming along: Kitten Mittens, or Moggies . When I saw them, I knew I had to make them. The wool asked of in the pattern, Briggs & Little, is very hard to obtain here, but it being a rustic honest yarn, I guess that Jamieson’s DK would be a pretty good match. And it is…. so onwards it goes… I think I will make the children’s version too, for small daughter, but then with a ginger instead of a white cat….


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